The Best advice I got about quitting

  1. Reward Yourself

Every time you manage to avoid procrastination and accomplish a task, reward yourself. You don’t have to buy yourself a box of chocolates (though who would ever say ‘no’ to chocolate?) You can reward yourself in much simpler ways that are meaningful to you, like literally sticking a gold star on your bulletin board.) Or putting enough money for another rose in your ‘flower jar.’ Or even just posting on Facebook that evening “accomplished everything I wanted to today. Feeling happy!”

The reward that works best for you should give you a noticeable jolt of pleasure and uplift your spirits – even if just in a small way. If your chosen reward works for you, be proud of yourself and enjoy it!

  • Be Aware of Procrastination’s True Dangers

Procrastination is the enemy of excellence. It prevents you from polishing your work to its sparkly best. It’s the difference between enjoying the process and

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